Weekly Astronomy Web Series Launched by Ph.D. Students

If you’ve ever been curious about the planetary sciences, the UCF-AVS Student Chapter is here to help. Beginning on Thursday May 14, a webinar series that spans until the end of June will bring the expertise of astronomers and astrochemical scientists to student’s computer screens.

The series, spearheaded by doctoral students Brian Ferrari and Katie Slavicinska of the UCF Astrochemistry Lab, aims to bring an accessible and educational outlet to students in times of quarantine.

“The positive about doing this virtually is that we can cover a broader demographic,” said Slavicinska. “Originally this was to be in person, but now that it’s online it’s not just limited to students. Anyone who is interested from anywhere in the world can join. We’ve had over 200 people from four different continents sign up so far.”

Distinguished speakers from disciplines such as the physical sciences, chemical sciences and astrochemistry will join participants on Zoom to give a lecture on their area of skill.

“One of our speakers is Dr. Scott Sandford who is an astrophysicist involved with sample return missions from space,” said Ferrari “We are really excited about the lineup of speakers we have; there isn’t one that I’m not looking forward to.”

This event runs until June 23, 2020 and is open to anyone that may be interested. The lectures will be hosted between 1-2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“We encourage anyone who ever found themselves curious about these sciences but felt too intimated to sign up,” said Ferrari. “I think people are going to find the lectures refreshingly accessible and highly informative.”

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