Abstracts are now being accepted

The online abstract submission system is now open. Submitted abstracts based on original work related to the conference topics will be considered for oral and poster presentations. Accepted abstracts will be published in the conference Book of Abstracts. The deadline for submissions is February 11, 2022 at 11:59 Eastern Time (UTC-5:00).

Instructions for abstract preparation

Abstracts must be prepared using the LaTeX or Word templates. Each abstract includes a title, author list with affiliations, a 600-character synopsis, and the abstract text. Only one (or no) figure may be included, and the length of each abstract is limited to one page. Before submission, the abstract must be converted to PDF format, with a file size not to exceed 1 MB.

Instructions for abstract submission

OCS Registration. Prior to submitting an abstract, the contributing author must register with Springer OCS. Then, in order to submit, they should go to the ATTO VIII conference abstract submission page and log in with their OCS credentials. Within the submission system, contributing authors will be asked to enter the title of their paper and the author list, choose a sorting category for the submission, and upload the PDF document.

File Name for Contributed Abstracts. The PDF file of the abstract should be named as “Einstein_A.pdf”, where “Einstein” is the full family name of the first author, followed by an underscore “_“, then the first letter “A” of the initials of the given name of the first author. In case you submit more than one abstract, a number _1, _2,… should be appended to the initials of the given name, e.g. “Einstein_A_1.pdf”, “Einstein_A_2.pdf”.

File Name for Abstracts of Invited Talks. The PDF file of the abstract for an invited talk should be formatted as for the contributed abstract, with the addition of “_Invited” prior to the file extension, e.g. “Meitner_L_Invited.pdf”.

Documents that are not formatted according to the templates will not be considered for inclusion in the program. Detailed instructions for abstract submission within the OCS system are given below:

Abstract review and acceptance

All abstracts prepared according to the guidelines will be considered for inclusion in the ATTO VIII program by the International Program Committee and the Local Organizing Committee. Authors who submit regular abstracts will be notified about their status by e-mail in March, 2022.

Publication of oral contributions

All invited and contributed talks will be considered for publication as peer-reviewed articles in the ATTO VIII Conference Proceedings, to be published as an Open Access book by Springer Nature. Speakers will be expected to submit their manuscript prior to the conference, so that the refereeing process can be initiated immediately. Instructions on how to prepare the manuscripts for the Conference Proceedings will be detailed at a later date.