We will be providing a package of 5 Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Self-Tests (Clinitest, by Siemens Healthineers) to each registered attendee of ATTO, along with a packet of 10 disposable 3-ply surgical masks, in the conference welcome packet. In accordance with Florida law, we cannot impose any mask mandate, nor can we inquire about the health or test status of participants. We trust, however, that all ATTO attendees will exercise their best judgment to safeguard their health and that of the other participants, e.g., by choosing to wear a mask when in close interaction with other persons. We also encourage all participants to take advantage of the self-tests they will be given, to assess their own status on each day of the conference, and to act responsibly in the event of a confirmed positive test. For attendees who, as a result of a positive test, or for an abundance of precaution, prefer not to follow an oral session in person, we can provide a limited number of Zoom links with which they will be able to follow the session remotely.