The university has a department entirely devoted to helping students gain the knowledge and foresight they need to enter the workforce. Career Services has many dedicated resources to help with exploration, resume building, networking, interview preparation, and more. The best time to utilize the services offered is now. Below we highlight a few key features offered by Career Services:


Knightlink – An account is needed

  • This is a system exclusive to UCF and is where companies post jobs for UCF students
  • The system also has information on upcoming employer information session (where employers come to campus)

CareerShift – An account is needed

  • This is a job searching tool that searches the entire internet (both job sites like and corporate websites)
  • The tool searches publicly available information and can provide a list of company contacts
  • This helps students identify people working for the company to set up informational interviews


  • These are one to two minute videos that answer any quick question students have about the job search, application, and interview process.

Optimal Interview (under the Virtual Career Center) – An account is needed

  • This tool allows students to see the answers to common interview questions
  • Allow students to create and watch custom interviews
  • Allows students to connect a webcam to record themselves answering the questions
  • This tool lets students compare themselves to the answer videos

Online workshops

  • We have several workshops taped and posted online for students to view.

All of these services are free to UCF students, and you retain access to many of them as Alumni. Career Services also offers a variety of workshops and has a professional speaker series. In conjunction with guidance from a faculty member or mentor, utilizing these resources and planning, as well as taking advantage of internships and other opportunities provided by the Political Science department, can help to put you in the best position for gaining employment by graduation.