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Political Science B.A.

The political science major offers three distinct track options: American Politics & Policy, International Relations-Comparative Government, and Pre-Law. This dynamic major prepares students with the knowledge and understanding that spans the scope of the political science discipline. All three tracks require a total of 36 credit hours, which include required core courses in American National Government and Scope and Methods of Political Science, in addition to distributed electives from American politics, comparative politics and international relations, and political theory. The pre-law track also requires specialized coursework in judicial politics and law. Our program is designed to produce graduates ready to pursue careers in a variety of areas including but not limited to; state and federal government, non-profit, think-tanks, international organizations and businesses. Graduates from the Political Science BA program are also prepared to go on to graduate or law school opening more career paths.

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International and Global Studies B.A.

The International and Global Studies major offers a degree that combines knowledge in core issues of international and global politics with a focus on regional and national politics. Understanding the political structure and politics that govern a region or how the global political economy works, our students learn about what and how political issues and governance changes and shapes the world. The major requires 36 hours of course work, with required courses in American National Government, Scope and Methods of Political Science, World Political Geography, International Relations Theory and Practice, Principles of Macroeconomics, Comparative Politics, Global Perspectives, and International Relations Theory, plus elective courses from comparative politics and international relations. The degree also requires the completion of an approved minor and four semesters of a foreign language. Graduates from the IGS degree program will be prepared to go to pursue careers in the international field in public and private organizations, or continue to graduate school.

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