Fall 2019

Adam Biernaski

Advisor: Dr. John J. Schultz & Dr. Sandra Wheeler
Title of Thesis: Utilizing Geographic Information Systems to Record and Analyze Osteoarthritis Data in Joints of the Arm: A Methodology for Dry Bones
Download: Biernaski_A

Angelica Costa

Advisor: Dr. Sarah Barber
Title of Thesis: Fashioning Society: The Use of Facial Adornments for Social Identification in Late Postclassic Tlaxcallan, Mexico
Download: Costa_A

Ryan Enger

Advisor: Dr. Michael Callaghan
Title of Thesis: Analyzing Pre-Inhumation Breakage Ceramics at Lamanai, Belize: A Conjunctive Approach
Download: Enger_R

Lea Harvey

Advisor: Dr. Beatriz Reyes-Foster
Title of Thesis: Trouble in Paradise: Impacts of Theme Park Tourism on the Mental Health of Employees in Orlando, Florida
Download: Harvey_L

Julie Rogers

Advisor: Dr. Michael Callaghan
Title of Thesis: Mirrors as Portals: Images of Mirrors on Ancient Maya Ceramics
Download: Rogers_J

Summer 2019

Rachel Gregoire 

Advisor: Dr. Tosha Dupras
Title of Thesis: Estimation of Weaning Patterns in the Elite Meroitic Population (8-B-5.A) from Sai Island, Sudan Using Stable Nitrogen and Carbon Isotopes
Download: Gregoire_R

Amber Grissom

Advisor: Dr. Joanna Mishtal
Title of Thesis: The Wonder Women: Understanding Feminism in Cosplay Performance
Download: Grissom_A

Spring 2019

Alexandria Brock

Advisor: Dr. Tosha Dupras & Dr. John J. Schultz
Title of Thesis: The Elite Meroitic Experience on Sai Island, Sudan: Using Stable Isotope Analysis to Identify Patterns related to Sex and Age for the Interpretation of Social Identity
Download: Brock_A

Anna Kebler

Advisor: Dr. Michael Callaghan
Title of Thesis: Chemical Composition of Preclassic-Period Maya Slips: Analysis and Interpretation of Flores Waxy Ware and Paso Caballo Waxy Ware Sherds from Holtun, Guatemala Using pXRF Spectrometry
Download: Kebler_A

Jamie Rogers

Advisor: Dr. Sarah Barber
Title of Thesis: Investigating The Late Woodland Climate Of Old Tampa Bay, Florida
Download: Rogers_J