Reservation & Use Procedure

  1. UCF’s Bio-Vehicles Service Center provides, on a first-come, first-serve basis, a limited number of University-owned vehicles for faculty, staff or volunteers who are conducting official university business. Personal use of motor pool vehicles is prohibited. Students in non-paid status are not covered by the state liability insurance policy and may NOT drive state-owned university vehicles.
  2. Before reserving a vehicle, you must be an approved registered driver for University of Central Florida state vehicles. To become a registered driver, you must read the COS State Vehicle Policy, complete the Driver Registration Form, and then be added to the registered drivers list after the vehicle contact person verifies the validity of your driver’s license. Any change in your driver’s license status must be reported immediately to the vehicle contact person.
  3. Vehicles available through the Bio-Vehicles Recharge Center are
    22012FordE350 VanWhite12NONODepartmentYF8041FBNE3BL5CDB31393
    42014ChevyExpress Van 3500White15NONODepartmentYA0291GAZGZFA1E1209295
    52016ChevyExpress Van 3500White15NONODepartmentYI1191GAZGPFG1G1232345
    162012FordF-150 TruckWhite3YESNODepartment245901FTPF1CF0CKE24869
  4. Reserve a vehicle by completing the Bio-Vehicles Reservation Request Form at least 48 business hours in advance of your need. Once you complete the form, a request for approval will be sent to your group approver. Only once your group approver approves your request and provides an account number will your reservation arrive to be considered by the Bio-Vehicle Service Center reservation department.
  5. There is a $.40 / mile cost associated with the use of vehicles of the Bio-Vehicles Service Center that can be paid through interdepartmental transfer from appropriate accounts. Each reservation request must be accompanied with the approval of the supervising faculty member or other member of your group that is authorized to spend funds. When approving, the designated approver should respond “approved: charge account XXXXXXXX”to denote which department or project should be charged for the use or “not approved.”
  6. Once your reservation and group supervisor’s approval is received, the vehicle contact person will contact you within 24 business hours to provide confirmation of reservation and provide instructions for picking up vehicle keys and vehicle. If a vehicle meeting your specifications is not available, you will be informed when such a vehicle will be available and be informed what vehicles are available at your specified time.
  7. Upon arrival to the vehicle, visually inspect the vehicle for any safety issues. Check the vehicle binder to ensure the presence of vehicle insurance, registration and mileage log. An employee / approved volunteer operating a university vehicle is the final authority as to the vehicle’s operating status.If the driver determines the vehicle is not safe to operate, the vehicle must be removed from service until issues are remedied.
  8. Operate vehicle in a manner consistent with reasonable practices. Assure all passengers are wearing seat belts. Obey all traffic laws. Any tickets, citations and/or summons are the sole responsibility of the driver.
  9. Fill up gas tank if gas level is less than ¼ tank. Use the voyager card in the vehicle for this purpose. Since voyager cards are tied to the specific vehicle, you are required to enter the 4-digit PIN and the mileage of the vehicle when processing the card at the pump. Save the gas receipt in the zipper pocket of the vehicle binder.
  10. A vehicle used on a scheduled trip should be returned to the lot from which it originated immediately upon return from the trip for which it was requested. For example: if you picked the vehicle up from the Physical Science Lot then return it there. If you picked a vehicle up from the Field Building, then return it there. A department vehicle with a state plate may be parked in any unmarked parking space without the need for a UCF parking permit. If an unmarked space is not available at your arrival, you may use the Biology Department’s reserved spaces at the Physical Science Lot, labeled “BIO”, located in the fourth row from the building. As a last resort, you may park in the two SERVICE VEHICLE spaces adjacent to the “BIO spaces in the fourth row. You may NOT park in the SERVICE VEHICLE spaces in the last row of the Physical Science Lot. If none of the above spaces are available, you may park at the Biology Field Building. Please denote the location of the vehicle on the Vehicle Return ticket under “Where Parked.”
  11. Driver should fill out mileage / fuel log in the vehicle binder and a vehicle return ticket. The vehicle binder should remain in the vehicle. The keys and vehicle return ticket should be returned to Bio Suite 302. If nobody is able to accept keys in 302 (after-hours, meetings, etc.), the keys and vehicle return ticket should be deposited into the key return lock box located in BIO 305.Due to the limited number of Motor Pool vehicles available for numerous requirements, vehicles must be returned by the time indicated on the reservation form. If some emergency prevents you from arriving on time, please send an email to explaining the situation and providing an estimated time of arrival.
  12. Throughout your vehicle reservation / use experience, send any comments or questions to