The department of Biology offers advising throughout the day Monday-Friday in BIO301.

**Advising staff will do their best to assist students in a timely manner, but rude or disparaging behavior will not be tolerated. Any students being disruptive will be asked to leave our office and will be reported to Student Conduct if necessary.**

**We are no longer offering walk in advising.**

Appointments with our Undergraduate Advising Coordinator are scheduled Monday-Friday and are 30 minutes long. These are reserved only for students who need to complete a graduation review, are on probation, have to complete a SAP appeal, need a grade forgiveness GPA calculation, or need to complete ROTC schedule planning. To schedule an appointment, please call our office at (407) 823-2141.

Peer advising is available during various times throughout the week and appointments are 30 minutes long. Our peer advisors are highly-trained current Biology students that can help with schedule planning and general advice on course selection. To schedule an appointment, please call our office at (407) 823-2141.

Are you interested in becoming a Peer Advisor? A Federal Work Study Award is required and it is a minimum 1 year commitment. Submit your resume to

Transfer Advisory Peers (TAPs) are experienced biology majors who transferred to UCF.  TAPs serve as an informational resource and peer mentor for new transfer students to help their transition to UCF and the Biology Department.  For more information and to connect with the TAPs, join the “TAPs n TAPees” Group Me:

Joshua King

Joshua King

Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Biological Sciences, BIO309C

Jenna Schmidt

Jenna Schmidt

Undergraduate Advising Coordinator

  • How can I schedule an advising appointment?
    • Call 407-823-2141 to schedule an advising appointment.
  • Can I schedule a phone appointment for advising?
    • Yes, please call the above number and ask for a phone appointment.
  • Can a peer advisor help me?
    • Yes. Our peer advisors are trained in all advising except specialized forms and final semester graduation checks. Please call our office at 407-823-2141 to learn the peer advising schedule.
  • I would like advising on my pre-professional application, can this office help?
    • Please contact Office of Pre-Health/Pre-Law Advising (407-823-3033, TCH 205). They specialized in this type of advising.
  • What kind of jobs can I get after graduation with my biology degree?
    • Career Services (407-823-2361) will gladly help you make a plan for your future and edit your resume.
  • How many credits can I take each semester?
    • 14 credits in the Summer and 17 credits in the Fall and Spring is the maximum amount of credits students can enroll in.
  • I need Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal form filled out, what should I do?
    • Please call and request to make an appointment with Jenna.
  • I need a Sciences Academic Plan form filled out, what should I do?
    • Please call and request to make an appointment with Jenna.
  • I am a high school student, a student at a different college/university, or a UCF student within a different major considering switching my major to Biology, who can I talk to about this?
    • We are the department you should talk to! You can call 407-823-2141 for our appointment availability and let us know that you are a prospective student.
  • I am a current Biology major and wish to talk to someone about switching my major to something OTHER than Biology. Should I make an appointment?
    • Contact the department of the major you are interested in; we are only able to advise on the requirements of our own department.
  • How do I know if I can earn course credit for an internship I’ve been accepted to?
    • Please send and a brief description of the work you’ll be doing, including the date range, and hours/week. We’ll also need the name and contact information for your internship supervisor.
  • What should I know about withdrawing from a class?
    • A “W” will appear on your transcript for the attempt of the course in this semester, but your GPA will not be affected. There is no refund of tuition when a student opts to withdraw from a course. A withdrawal is completed on myUCF through the Student Self Service Center.If you are receiving financial aid, you should review the Office of Student Financial Assistance website at to see how your aid will be affected. If you have any questions on your aid, please contact Financial Aid at (407) 823-2827 or FINAID@UCF.EDU.
  • I’m receiving a pre-requisite error for BSC 2010C and/or STA 2023, but I have the pre-requisites. What is happening?
    • You are most likely attempting to register for a section that takes place at the UCF Downtown campus. Only students whose major and/or minor is located at UCF Downtown (not Biology) are permitted to register for these courses. We suggest choosing “Main Campus (Orlando)” when searching for classes to avoid this.
  • I’m receiving a pre-requisite error for a College of Sciences class, but I am taking/took the pre-requisites at a different institution and my transcripts haven’t been received yet. What can I do?
    • You can request an online override here: by attaching proof that you are currently enrolled in or have already completed the pre-requisites.
  • I received an email notifying me that I will be dropped from a course that I enrolled in, why did this happen?
    • It is most likely because you met the prerequisites for the course when you originally enrolled but no longer meet those requirements. You will have to find a new course or provide proof of the prerequisites being met.
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