The mission of the Department of Biology at the University of Central Florida is to create outstanding undergraduate and graduate academic programs; to engage in novel biological research; and to provide professional expertise to the University and the general public. The Department is committed to maintaining a rigorous learning environment that promotes an understanding of the major principles and concepts in the life sciences, develops critical thinking and communication skills, and fosters a life-long interest in learning. Our faculty commits to promoting an antiracist and inclusive environment for all.

We are committed to providing both undergraduate and graduate students with the knowledge base and practical skills needed to be highly competitive for exceptional career opportunities following graduation, including professional and graduate school programs. We aim for the high quality of our collective scholarship to be recognized nationally and internationally through research, scholarly participation in the scientific community, and generation of high quality scientific publications in national and international journals.  Lastly, we pledge to provide service and communicate our science to both our institution and the general public.

Overall, the Department of Biology is dedicated to creating an environment where the science of biology thrives both inside and outside the classroom.