UCF Biology

John Fauth

Research Area(s): Ecology, evolution, conservation and restoration biology, herpetology


Quantitative and experimental ecology, with special emphasis on amphibians & reptiles, wetlands and coral reefs.  Also environmental health assessment using an integrated approach that includes traditional measures, such as indicator species, and cellular diagnostics.


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Undergraduate researcher Ariel Horner ’13 received a prestigious UCF Founders’ Day Award, which is given to one student in each department who demonstrated exceptional ability in their major.

Ph.D. student Danny Goodding’s paper, “Sensory Mediation of Foraging Behavior in the Western Lesser Siren (Siren intermedia netting)” was published in Journal of Herpetology, 47(1):75-77, http://dx.doi.org/10.1670/11-209


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