Mall Testimonies

The University of Central Florida Mathematics Assistance and Learning Lab (MALL) is a state-of-the-art lab and the designated classroom for Intermediate Algebra and College Algebra students. The facility also serves as an extension of the classroom environment for Pre-Calculus and College Trigonometry students. The UCF MALL is located in the Mathematical Science (MSB) building in rooms 241, 240, and 242 on the UCF main campus.

The MALL aids students by providing hands-on learning, one-on-one assistance, and promotes the study and enjoyment of mathematics.

The following students shared their testimonies of their MALL experience in the UCF Department of Mathematics:

Victoria Hayden

“The MALL has always been like a home to me. The faculty, GTAs, tutors, and greeters here are all friendly, personable, and knowledgeable. Spending my college years in the MALL as both a student and a tutor has given me the opportunity to be around many great people, a number of which I consider to be role models and hold near and dear to my heart. The people I have met at the MALL have inspired me to choose a career, and shaped me as an individual. By providing a fun and relaxed environment very similar to one on one tutoring session, the MALL has not only helped me to get A’s in my math classes but has bettered my learning experience and college experience as a whole.” 

Victoria Hayden, Biology major with a minor in Music.

Komysha Hssan

“The MALL gives students a chance to immerse in their study and have access to knowledgeable, helpful tutors and even faculty members to better understand the material and get through difficult problems. I think the MALL adds an interactive and dynamic component to the study of mathematics that is especially indispensable to students like me, whose strong suit isn’t math.”

Komysha Hassan, Political Science Pre-Law and Writing and Rhetoric double major.

Joseph Magloire

“The MALL allowed me to free myself of being afraid to ask for help. The staff and tutors are welcoming and willing to help in any way they can. From something as simple as reducing a fraction to the more challenging word problems, I could always count on them to get me to the other side. I even have transitioned from a MALL student to a MALL tutor! I wanted to be a part of the place that has shown me so much over the years.”

Joseph Magloire, Mathematics major.

“The MALL provides students with skills that the typical classroom does not. The difference between a student who understands mathematics and a student who achieves proficiency in mathematics is practice, patience, and initiative. The proficiency that I gained with the MALL has helped me to recognize my potential in mathematics and set further goals, including transferring to a STEM major along with a mathematics minor. Although mathematics can be difficult, the MALL pushes students for success in ways that a lecture cannot.”

Emily Ahn, Environmental Engineering major