Testing Policy

General Testing

Testing takes place in the MALL MSB240/241/242. Please check your syllabus for your testing dates and if you are not sure contact your instructor. There are no make-ups. Make-up tests will be given for legitimate reasons recognized by the university. To take a make-up exam, you have to obtain permission from your instructor ahead of time.

Please use the following checklist before arriving to take a test


  • Bring at least one writing utensil.
  • Student ID
  • 8 ½” x 11” Blue/Green book OR .50 cents to buy one from the vending machine outside or FREE from Student Union front desk


 (basically anything NOT on the above list)

  • NO cellphones
  • NO backpacks
  • NO skateboards (Generally never allowed in MALL)
  • NO calculators (you’ll be given a TI-30XA),
  • NO smart watches. (If you don’t want to put them in a locker please don’t bring them with you and don’t jeopardize your final grade).


*Especially Items known to be used by students to go against student conduct such as plagiarism or cheating.

Using the Lockers

(read instructions before you use a locker so you don’t lose the money before it locks).

  • Bring $.50 (two quarters) if you are going to use a locker; No personal belongings are allowed during testing.
  • Make sure to put EVERYTHING in the locker, EXCEPT THE “things to bring” list above.
  • THINK AHEAD The locker will lock ONCE per .50 cents, so if you forget to put something in your locker you will need another .50 cents to re-lock it a second time.
  • If you are running into any locker trouble contact a Proctor or Assistant from the MALL to help.

When you sit down

  • You will be seated randomly
  • You must put your UCF ID face up on the desk
  • Staff will patrol the MALL for general computer assistance and to check matching ID’s to Tests being taken.
    • (No test help is allowed)
  • If you miss any of the first three tests you’ll default to option (b) in which a missed test is replaced by the final exam.
  • Make sure that you arrive early as the test will start on time. You will lose time if you are late or don’t know login information and need to retrieve it.
    • (Always login before class to make sure no password reset is active for your UCF login, this will delay your test time)
  • Memorize your NID and password to log into a computer and Webcourses@UCF.
  • Have an active (not expired) access code.
    • You should check your account before you go to testing.
  • Proctors are not allowed to answer your questions about calculator use during testing. So, you should buy one and practice with it.
  •  At all times, you must abide by Mathematics Assistance and Learning Lab (MALL) Policies and Procedures, and The UCF Golden Rule.

Testing (all students)

  • When?
    • You will only be allowed to take your test within the scheduled time period.
    • If you arrive late to a test but the scheduled period has not yet elapsed, you will be allowed to enter if enough time remains for you to log in. However, you will not be given time beyond what you originally scheduled.
    • You will be expected to wait outside of the testing environment until your scheduled test time arrives.
  • Where?
    • The MALL, MSB 241, 240, and 242, will be used for testing during the testing weeks. You will not be able to get MALL hours during testing week, so plan accordingly.
    • Students will be asked to line up at one door or the other according to: class or last name. Please pay attention to where you should line up because this may change from test to test in order to facilitate all students.
  • What should I bring?
    • Students should attend each test with the following items:
      • Valid UCF Identification Card
      • Knowledge of your course login and password
      • Bluebook 8.5” x 11”
      • Pen or pencil
  • Should a student come to the MALL without his/her UCF student ID card and a Bluebook/greenbook, he/she will not be admitted to the testing session until they are able to present both their UCF student ID and Bluebook/greenbook.
  • Personal belongings: You may not bring personal items including purses, backpacks, phones, skateboards, calculators, food & drink, etc. into the MALL during testing. Failure to follow this policy will result in a 0% on your test.
  • Lockers are available for $.50 in the MSB vending machine room on the 2nd floor (MSB 227) and MSB 131 for storage of your personal belongings during testing. A change machine is installed in MSB 131.
  • All cell phones and electronic devices should not be brought in. Bringing in electronic devices into the MALL during testing will result in a 0% for the test.
  • A grade of zero on a test will be assigned in one of the following situations:
    • the student fails to schedule his/her exam during the allotted scheduling period (including the case in which the student does not complete the exam scheduling process)
    • the student misses his/her scheduled appointment to take the exam
    • the student violates the UCF academic integrity policies during the exam or in any circumstance relative to the exam
    • the *student’s cell phone rings, vibrates, or they access it for any reason as well as accessing other personal items while in the MALL (again, NO PERSONAL ITEMS DURING EXAM)
  • Check-in and out for an exam. Please arrive at the MALL 15 minutes before your scheduled testing appointment. A valid UCF Student ID Card and a full sized (8.5”x11”) Bluebook are required to gain entrance to the lab. You will be assigned to sit at a particular computer workstation.

Make-up Policy

Personal travel plans, medical reasons, and personal or family emergencies will not be valid reasons for taking tests at a time different than scheduled.  Test, homework, and quiz make-ups are not given. University related absences that require special scheduling must be arranged one week prior to the assessment date.

It is the practice of the University of Central Florida to reasonably accommodate the religious observances, practices, and beliefs of individuals in regard to admissions, class attendance, and the scheduling of examinations and work assignments. A student who desires to observe a religious holy day of his or her religious faith must notify all of his/her instructor in writing at the beginning of the term (prior to the end of the add/drop period) to be excused from classes to observe the religious holy day.  (Please note that documentation may be requested.)