Policies and Procedures

All students will be held accountable for general MALL policies and procedures. In particular, all students should familiarize themselves with testing in the MALL.

General MALL Policies

  • Food/drinks are not allowed; water in bottled containers with cap are allowed.
  • The recommended calculator to be used in the MALL is TI-30XA; no graphing calculators are allowed
  • No skateboards or any other transportation devices are allowed in the MALL, please use the skateboard rack located at the main entrance of the building
  • Students must use the MALL computers. No other laptops or personal devices are allowed.
  • Only students currently enrolled in Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry and Precalculus are permitted and encouraged to use the MALL. Additional students may use the Math Success Center in MSB 113.
  • Students have to have their valid UCF ID card available when signing in and out of the MALL.
  • While in the MALL, students are expected to be actively working on the appropriate coursework.
  • Acceptable activities include working on homework, quizzes, practice tests, virtual assignments, test scheduling, and watching course related multimedia content.

General MALL Procedures for Open Lab Hours (Fall and Spring)

  • Bring paper and a writing utensil.
  • Each student is responsible for spending the required time period in the MALL.
    • Your hours do not need to be completed in one session. Signing out and taking a break is encouraged.
    • Unless we are testing or there is a long intervening holiday, such as Spring break, the time period will be a week; i.e. each student should plan on the required time in the MALL weekly.
    • Students are responsible for tracking their own lab hours. We will not be able to tell you during the week ”if you have enough” – it is therefore recommended that you track your own hours.
    • There will be no partial credit for earning less than the minimum required MALL hour(s) in a time period.
    • Any time spent in the MALL less than 15 minutes will not accrue to your total MALL time. For example, if you spend 14 minutes and 59 seconds in the MALL, you will have 0 minutes added to your total MALL time. If you spend 15 minutes in the MALL, you will have 15 minutes added to your total MALL time.
    • Hours earned in one time period over the minimum required hours do not “roll over” to the next time period. The extra time is for your benefit but will not count as credit.
    • When a time period contains a holiday, the minimum number of required hours will still be required; please refer to your course’s calendar for information on due dates.
    • How to record time in the MALL
  • Certain days and times are busier than others. While you will almost always be able to find a computer, you may have to wait longer for a tutor. If your schedule permits, plan to use the MALL at one of the less busy time periods. Think: if I were a procrastinator, when would I go? Then pick another time.
  • It is strongly recommended that you bring your math notebook with you to the MALL, do all of your work in it in an orderly manner, and refer back to this work whenever necessary. The more work you’re able to show a tutor, the better.
  • To request help, click the red and white life preserver in the upper right corner of the monitor’s screen. Type in your course name (e.g. “trig” or “precalc”) and a suitable tutor or instructor will come to your computer.
  • In extreme situations, such as a general power failure, a server failure, forced evacuation of the building, etc. alternate testing formats and/or date(s) will be announced as necessary.
  • The MALL and its computers are electronically monitored and recorded by numerous video cameras. Any and all perceived incidents of student misconduct may be reported to the Student Conduct Board for appropriate action. Students will be held accountable for UCF’s Golden Rule and all applicable University policies.
  • Lockers are available for $.50 in the MSB vending machine room on the 1st floor (MSB 131) and MSB 227 for storage of your personal belongings during testing. A change machine is installed in MSB 131.

Lost and Found

Any personal items found by the staff will be placed at the front desk of the Mathematics Assistance and Learning Lab and they will be turned to the Police Department at the end of the the semester. It is recommended that students do not bring valuables into the Mathematics Assistance and Learning Lab. The Mathematics Assistance and Learning Lab is not responsible for lost personal items or data.