All Information (and more) Available In Your Syllabus

When are the weekly MALL hours due for the course?

The MALL hours due each week will vary depending on which day your class is and some classes do not require MALL hours. Please contact your instructor or refer to your course syllabus for details. This is especially important during holidays or testing weeks.

Do I have to complete MALL hours ?

Some classes have scheduled meeting time so students are not required to complete additional hours unless required by the instructor. Please check your syllabus for more details.

Is the MALL open during the week of testing?

The MALL is not open for hours the days of testing since every MALL room is going to be reserved for testing GEP Mathematics courses.

When testing is occurring in the MALL, students are encouraged to go to the Math Success Center if assistance is needed.

Can I work on my assignments at home?

Of course. As long as you have purchased an access code and activated it, you may work on your assignments anywhere you have internet access. Keep in mind that your course may require to complete some assignments only in the MALL. Please check your syllabus for more details.

May I borrow a calculator from the MALL if I forgot mine?

No.  It is the responsibility of the student to come prepared to the MALL with all of the materials they will need. The MALL does not carry extra calculators for student use.

May I use a graphing calculator in the MALL during MALL hours and just not bring it for the exam?

Students are encourage to use a TI-30XA calculator during while in the MALL as this is the type of calculator that will be provided during tests.

Do you have a lost and found?

Any lost items found within the MALL will be placed in a box at the front desk and kept for a period of one week. If an item is not retrieved by the student, it is sent to the lost and found at the information desk on the first floor of the Student Union.

Once I have registered for a test time, may I come to a different test time?

No, you may only take your test at the schedule time. You should arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled test time. The ability to register at any time is meant to make it convenient for you to register for a test that fits with your schedule.  Per the syllabus, there are no make ups for missed tests so it is important that you schedule your test and arrive at the proper time to take it.

Can Graduate/Learning Assistants or Instructors help us on Quizzes or Practice Tests?

Graduate/Learning Assistants and instructors are not allowed to give you step-by-step help on your quizzes or practice tests. However, after you have completed and submitted the quiz or practice test, they can go through each problem and see where you had difficulties.

If I do not have my UCF ID card, may I still come into the MALL?

No, we must be able to validate your identity with a UCF-issued ID. It is the student’s responsibility to bring their UCF ID card. You are required to bring your valid UCF ID every time you enter the MALL.