The Reach of War

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Ph.D. candidate Marcos Degaut has recently written two op-eds on international terrorism published by Mundorama. As one of the most relevant security and foreign policy blogs in Brazil, “Terror in Two Acts: History repeats itself? – Implications for Brazil” speaks on how terrorism remains one of the main expressions of violence in the international arena. Mr. Degaut expresses how the attack in 2001 in the US and the scenario in 2015 in France reflect similarities and how recent intelligence reports indicate that new attacks are being plotted against Europe and the US, reaching Israel. He states, “Today, the terrorist threat can reach higher stages of war confrontation and redraw the regional geopolitical map.”

In “Paris 13/11: unbridled fanaticism of international terrorism?”, Mr. Degaut addresses a major focus on how to specify why dissatisfied organizations decide to adopt terrorism as a useful and effective instrument of action. He states, “The continuation of terrorism has led to a progressive decrease in stability and international security and degradation of law and order throughout the world.”

In addition, Marcos Degaut also had a large interview published by the Brazilian Journal of Security in its December issue. Being an expert on the subject terrorism, Degaut discusses with great analytical property the current time of escalating terrorist in the world. He points out the evolution of intrigues asymmetric strategies and the risk profiles associated with the terrorist threat and the failure of governments in preventing, monitoring, and combating terrorist groups. Regarding the recent tragedy in Paris Mr. Degaut had this to say, “I would like to believe that, individuals and governments around the world take full awareness that terrorism has long been is no longer a marginal issue for humanity.”

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