Author Interview for Book: The Politics of Morality

Joanna-Mishtal1-250x279Recently, Joanna Mishtal, Ph.D., was interviewed by writer Vince Darcangelo for Transgress Magazine’s ‘Ensuing Chapters’ blog and about her new book, “The Politics of Morality: The Church, the State and Reproductive Rights in Postsocialist Poland” (Ohio University Press, 2015).

“The Politics of Morality” is a full-length, single author ethnography based on 21 months of primary data collection in Kraków, Warsaw, and Gdańsk, Poland. It examines the politics of gender, focusing on reproductive rights, health, and social policies. Specifically, this book is an anthropological study of the expansion of power by the religious right and its effects on individual rights and social values, and it examines the contentious nature of reproductive rights politics that emerged since the fall of state socialism in 1989, and in light of the 2004 EU integration.

Dr. Mishtal specializes in sociocultural cultural and medical anthropology, concentrating on reproductive rights and policies in Poland, Ireland and the European Union. She joined the UCF faculty in 2008 and teaches cultural, medical, and applied/public anthropology courses, while assisting and advising students in their research. She is the co-founder of the medical anthropology minor and the founder of the global health certificate at UCF.

Check out the audio links below to listen to her 25-minute interview:

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