COS Faculty Receive Incentive Awards

WEB-awardsThe College of Sciences is proud to announce the 2015-2016 winners for the Teaching Incentive Program and Research Incentive Award.

Each year, UCF’s Academic Affairs’ Office of Faculty Excellence gives incentive awards to outstanding faculty for their dedication to teaching, research and scholarship. Every award winner, whether holding a nine or 12 month contract, is given a $5,000 increase to their base salary taking affect in the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. Faculty are eligible to win these awards once every five years.

Dean Michael Johnson, Ph.D., is delighted ” …to publicly recognize the college’s most outstanding teachers.”

Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) Winners for the College of Sciences 2015-2016

The university’s Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) rewards sustained high levels of teaching effectiveness. The university awards as many as 40 new TIP’s to the colleges each year. The number of TIP awards available in a college is based on the total number of eligible faculty in any given year.

Research Incentive Award (RIA) Winners for the College of Sciences 2015-2016

The university’s Research Incentive Awards (RIA) reward outstanding achievements in research, scholarly and creative activities. The successful nominee must have an outstanding research, scholarly or creative record that advances the body of knowledge in their field.

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