Central Florida Math Circle

MathCircles-v2_emailThe Department of Mathematics at UCF presents The Central Florida Math Circle. These sessions offer students of the Central Florida area, particularly middle school students, an opportunity to have fun with mathematics.

The Math Circle is not directed towards a particular curriculum; it is not a class, a lecture or a tutorial. It is a way to have educational outreach, while collaborating with others, overcoming obstacles and gaining confidence.

The Math Circle movement started in the 1990s. Today, more than 180 Math Circle programs are operating across the country in conjunction with universities, and more than 210 Circles have been formed since 1994. UCF is happy to be part of a national effort to encourage and develop mathematical insight in students.

During each session, students will focus on and explore a theme in mathematics. Handouts and questions will guide students to explore the topic at hand and after each session, they will be posted on the website to encourage those who missed a session to participate.

There are 3 sessions left:

  • Saturday, February 06
  • Saturday, February 13
  • Saturday, February 20 – Olympiade Day

All sessions for Spring 2016 will be held on Saturdays from 3:00pm-4:30pm in room 318 of the Mathematical Sciences Building on the UCF Campus.

For more information about the Central Florida Math Circle, click here.

Come experience the exhilaration of mathematical exploration!

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