COS Celebrates Faculty Promotions

Pegasus Professor MedalPromotion is a mark of accomplishment and a gratifying recognition from one’s peers. Because of their hard work and dedication, the following College of Sciences faculty and staff members have been promoted or have earned tenure this year.


Promotion to Professor Emeritus/Emerita 

Ida Cook, Ph.D. – Sociology

Robert Dipboye, Ph.D. – Psychology


Promotion to Professor

Florencio Hernandez, Ph.D. – Chemistry

Alexandru Tamasan, Ph.D. – Mathematics

Suren Tatulian, Ph.D. – Physics

Peter Jacques, Ph.D. – Political Science


Promotion to Associate Professor and Recommendation for Tenure

Basak Gurel, Ph.D. – Mathematics

Corey Bohil, Ph.D. – Psychology


Promotion to Associate Lecturer

Amanda Groff, Ph.D. – Anthropology

Elizabeth Harris, Ph.D. – Biology

Maria Capursi, Ph.D. – Mathematics

James Cooney, Ph.D. – Physics

Christos Velissaris, Ph.D. – Physics

Daniel Marien, Ph.D. – Political Science

Anca Turcu, Ph.D. – Political Science

Ed Fouty, Ph.D. – Psychology

Daniel McConnell, Ph.D. – Psychology


Promotion to Associate Instructor

Keith Carlson – Mathematics

Karen Cox, M.A – Psychology

The College of Sciences congratulates all of its faculty members on their outstanding achievements and continued dedication to UCF.

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