Defining a National Security Threat

RaughDavid Raugh, a Ph.D. Candidate in the UCF Security Studies Program has recently published  an article titled “Is the Hybrid Threat a True Threat.” This article was published in the Journal of Strategic Security.  The article examines the concept of the “hybrid” threat, or  conflict which occupies the realm between state-on-state (external) war and intrastate (internal) wars, and considers whether it is truly a United States national security threat.

As a U.S. Army Colonel with over 21 years of service, this topic is of great importance to David. Pursuing his PhD prior to serving at the strategic level within the US government, David is currently taking a break  from his studies for the next two years while commanding the 502nd Force Support Group at Joint Base San Antonio- Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. He will be returning in the summer of 2018 to complete his dissertation by the summer of 2019.

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