Lou Frey Institute Launches Series Addressing Government Actions During Pandemic


The Lou Frey Institute is adding to the national conversation on pandemic liberties through a series of one-page conversation starters for K-12 teachers.

Called “Civics in Real Life”, the series provides a historical and civics-based lens on current events, including the distinction between the power of states and federal government; the Defense Production Act; and the First Amendment.

The feedback from teachers across Florida and the U.S. has been positive, particularly because it answers questions to current events, explained Stephen Masyada, Ph.D., interim director of the Lou Frey Institute.

“Students have questions about what the federal government can do,” Masyada said. “This is about growing awareness and providing knowledge.”

The Lou Frey staff meets every week to develop the curriculum. While they draw on multiple news sources to determine the right topic and inform their writing, the end result is non-partisan. The resources are shared across conservative and liberal counties in Florida, so the goal is to hit “right in the middle,” Masyada said.

While the project was launched as a temporary response to pandemic questions, the Lou Frey Institute anticipates keeping “Civics in Real Life” an ongoing part of their curriculum. Most likely it will pivot over the summer to touch on the upcoming election.

“We’re really pleased with the level of civic engagement. You don’t have to agree with either side, just as long as you’re having a discussion,” Masyada said.




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