Mathematics Professor Becomes Editor

One of our esteemed mathematics professors has been invited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to serve as a Senior Associate Editor for the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions. Mourad Ismail, Ph.D., has been recognized on numerous occasions for his hard work within the field of mathematics. NIST-logo

NIST, now a part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is one of the oldest physical science laboratories in the nation. The measurements calculated by NIST support technologies from something as small as nanoscale devices to the largest and most complex of human-made creations.

Released in 2010, the DLMF is an expended and updated online version of the classic NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions. This book continues to serve the community as the golden standard for information on the properties of what most scientists and mathematicians call the special functions.

Ismail, along with other Senior Associate Editors, will advise NIST on future directions for the project. He was selected due to his expertise in the area of special functions and his broad knowledge and experience in applied mathematics.

We would like to congratulate Ismail along with the Department of Mathematics for achieving this incredible honor.

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