Mummy Expert Draws Crowd to UCF

UCF recently hosted Mummies: Culture, Science and People From Around the World presented by Heather Gill-Frerking, Ph.D, in the Psychology building.

Over 200 people attended the presentation, including UCF faculty members, UCF students and members of the community.20150610_195305

Gill-Frerking presented different types of mummies, the Mummies of the World exhibition and personal stories.  She also shared parts of her research from South America, Europe and Egypt.

After her lecture, Gill-Frerking accepted engaging audience questions about mummies and her research.

The lecture was geared toward a general audience so members of the community, as well as professionals in the field, could appreciate Gill-Frerking’s work with mummies. Gill-Frerking provided an emphasis on different types of mummies from around the world through her tales.

Gill-Frerking is the only North American to work directly with northern European peat bog bodies and, with 20 years of experience in her field, she is one of the top experts in her field.

She is working as the director of science and education for the traveling Mummies of the World exhibition, which is currently in Orlando.

Gill-Frerking was pleased by the reception that her lecture received and the interest the audience showed for the topic.

Mummies of the World: The Exhibition will be visiting the Orlando Science Center through November 2015.

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