NSC Continues Strong Partnership with Orlando’s PBS Affiliate

Stephanie Rice- HeadshotThe Nicholson School of Communication is thrilled to continue its partnership with Orlando PBS affiliate, WUCF-TV and is now in the process of hiring a shared broadcast coordinator to serve as a liaison between the school and the station. The new broadcast coordinator will continue the work of NSC’s Radio-Television associate instructor, Stephanie Rice, who was instrumental in laying the foundation of the partnership, by teaching courses at NSC and serving as an academic internship coordinator/producer for WUCF-TV.

Two years ago, NSC embarked on an initiative to improve the synergy between Nicholson students and WUCF-TV. Rice was appointed to coordinate internships and assist in the production and airing of student content, while maintaining some of her instructional load at NSC.

At the end of her two-year tenure at WUCF-TV, Rice says she is grateful for the learning opportunities provided and satisfied that she has left a positive impact at the station.

While at WUCF-TV, Rice was successful in increasing intern numbers from five to ten students by adding other areas such as information technology, corporate sponsorship, and community relations. She also secured the airing of nine student stories on Orlando’s PBS channel as well as two American Graduate web stories.

“It was initially supposed to be a one year appointment when I started in the fall of 2013,” Rice said. “But then we agreed to go another year. But then I missed teaching and I missed being at NSC, because I was always back and forth, I wanted to get back to my eventual goals which is to just teach.”

And so she said, she decided to pass on the baton and return to Nicholson full-time.

At WUCF-TV, Rice also worked in production, producing 16 Metro Center Outlook shows, three One Central Florida stories, and three Artisodes stories, an opportunity she said aided her professional development.

“It gave me a chance to polish my productions skills, even though I was teaching it and even though I was in it for years, there’s a lot that goes into it and some of them I had forgotten. Also when I worked in the business I had people that did that stuff, but it was a small company and so we had to work on every phase of the production process.

“I am proud to know I was at the beginning of this evolutionary process of student/professional collaboration, which will continue with the identification of my replacement,” Rice said about her departure. “I look forward to continuing to support this process with my students and in my new role as Area Coordinator of RTV at Nicholson.”

“I must also acknowledge and thank Arlen Chase, Mike Johnson, Boyd [Lindsley], and Tim [Brown] for their support and guidance over these two years,” Rice continued. “It is not always comfortable blazing new trails, but the rewards have been high.”

Thanking Rice for a job well done, NSC associate director Boyd Lindsley, Ed.D., noted, “NSC is most appreciative of the work Stephanie has executed to support this initiative and looks forward to the future of the partnership with WUCF-TV.”

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