Physics Pegasus Professor’s International Appointments

Talat Rahman

Talat Rahman, Ph.D., Pegasus Professor in the University of Central Florida’s Department of Physics, has received several prestigious appointments in her field.

Beginning in January 2017, Rahman will begin serving as a member of the Physical Sciences Directorate Advisory Committee at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. She will assess and provide advice on the quality of the work, capability development, and direction of the research programs at ORNL. The advisory committee is comprised of nationally and internationally recognized leaders with diverse scientific and technological expertise in the areas supported by the Directorate. The mandate is for three years.

Additionally, Rahman was appointed to the editorial board of Progress in Surface Science, a journal that publishes progress reports and review articles by invited authors of international stature.  With an impact factor of 7.58, it attracts articles from some of the leading scientists in the field. Rahman continues to serve on the Editorial Executive Board of  Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, which is published by the Institute of Physics, UK.  Starting in January 2017, she will assume another role in the journal as the Editor for the newly created section “Physics of chemical processes” which she helped formulate.

In addition to these accomplishments, Rahman has been chosen to organize the 79th Physical Electronics Conference in 2019 in Orlando.

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