Psychology Degree Goes Deeper Than Counseling 

Karen Mottarella, Ph.D. with former student and research assistant Rachel Chavez.

Training students to make a difference in the psychology field and beyond is all in a day’s work for licensed clinical psychologist and Senior Lecturer Karen Mottarella, Ph.D.  

Psychology is fun, so my idea is that students should never be bored in the classroom,” she said.  

This mentality guides her work as she teaches and inspires students.  

“What is really great about the Psychology major is that it is so versatile,” said Mottarella.  

While the general perception of psychology is limited to counseling, students graduating with an undergraduate degree can find jobs in fields like marketing and business. Mottarella encourages students to pursue research opportunities outside the classroom.  

“The research skills they take with them are very valued in the workplace,” Mottarella said. “Our students have so much potential, and to see them go on to big and better things is really rewarding.” 

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