Schell Award Recognizes Exceptional Writing Instruction


Dr. Cherie Yestrebsky

UCF chemistry department chair and professor Dr. Cherie Yestrebsky was recognized for her efforts in improving student learning by receiving the Schell Award for Implementing Innovative Writing Instruction in the Disciplines on April 21.

The award was part of the Writing Across the Curriculum program, an interdisciplinary program coordinated by the UCF Department of Writing and Rhetoric.

“It’s wonderful that leaders from the WAC program have stayed so involved in our progress, and the changes WAC fellows have initiated in their courses,” Yestrebsky said. “I’m very happy to receive this honor and thoroughly enjoy the continued collaborations with the WAC program leaders.”


Established in 2010, the WAC program assists faculty in their efforts to strengthen student writing and use writing to improve learning in their courses and programs. The Schell Award for Implementing Innovative Writing Instruction in the Disciplines is given annually to a faculty member who has demonstrated commitment to improving student learning through writing in their courses.

Yestrebsky said she heard about the program though another faculty member and she became intrigued with the idea of a chemistry professor learning about new possibilities for writing in her discipline.

“I didn’t know what to expect out of the experience,” she said. “I just hoped it would provide us with some inspiration to develop new methods to add to our toolbox for teaching our large chemistry sections.”

Yestrebsky also said that the WAC program taught her how to dissect her teaching style and has influenced her teaching practices.

“I felt that the WAC program made me more aware of teaching options, learning opportunities, and writing assignments in chemistry classes,” she said. “WAC is a great example of how professional development can be beneficial for faculty and result in better learning for our students.”

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