Sorority Inspires PoliSci Grad to Pursue Legal Career Protecting Citizens

Genevieve and her husband, Michael.

“You can’t be what you can’t see.”

This is the motto Genevieve Bonan ’10 says carried her through her undergraduate studies at UCF, and still inspires her today. Bonan currently practices consumer protection law in the Consumer Protection Division of the Florida Attorney General. In her free time, she volunteers with various charities and organizations, including the Florida Association for Women Lawyers.

That heart for service and philanthropy started with Bonan’s sorority at UCF, Alpha Epsilon Phi.

“In my sorority, our philanthropy focused on pediatric AIDS patients, and once I started volunteering it was something that I never wanted to stop doing,” Bonan said.

Her most recent project was installing lactation rooms throughout Palm Beach county courthouses to support female lawyers practicing law and raising families. Bonan is currently raising two children, Josie, 1, and Marc, 3, with her husband Michael.

Bonan credits her UCF faculty for encouraging her to pursue a legal career.

“My professors are the reason I could handle the rigor of my law school courses when I got there,” said Bonan. “There were some classes at UCF that were not easy by any means, and at the time it felt like so much work.  Ultimately it is the reason I can handle what I have handled academically.”

The education Bonan received helped push her along the path toward law school.

Bonan’s advice is to learn how to work with those around you, regardless of whether personalities clash. Another suggestion is to pick up a part time job to avoid going into debt.

“I love what I do, I love my work, and it’s so nice to lift up those around me and help others on a daily basis,” said Bonan. “I want people to know that if they are not being represented in their dream career, whether that be in skin color, ethnicity, or background, they are totally capable of becoming that person and that representation for others.”


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