Summer ’19 Ph.D. Grads Honored At Reception


The Summer ’19 doctorate degree students were recognized Friday at a special reception. Graduates celebrated their achievement with their faculty advisors, family, College of Sciences Dean Michael Johnson, Ph.D. and a special champagne toast. Click here to see the full gallery of photos.


Anuradha Akmeemana, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Michael E. Sigman, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Chemometric Applications in Fire Debris Analysis: Likelihood Ratios from Naïve Bayes and Frequency of Component and Pyrolysis Product Occurrence

Alyssa Allen, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Michael E. Sigman, Ph.D.
Dissertation: The Evaluation of Classifier Performance on the Forensic Analysis of Fire Debris and the Expansion of the Substrate Database

Tyler Maxwell, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Swadeshmukul Santra, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Coated Quantum Dots: Engineering of Surface Chemistry for Biomedical and Agricultural Applications

Ali Ozcan, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Swadeshmukul Santra, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Advanced multifunctional bactericides for crop protection: A new strategy to reduce Cu pesticide footprint in the environment

Ilia Toli, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Shengli Zou, Ph.D.
Dissertation: The Schrödinger equation with Coulomb potential admits no exact solutions

Clinical Psychology

Danielle Herring, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Paulson, Ph.D.
Dissertation: The Efficacy and Feasibility of Neuropsychological Services in a Primary Care Setting

Andel Nicasio, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Cerissa L. Blaney, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Telephone-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia in Patients with Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Conservational Biology

Madison Hall, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Graham Worthy, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Seascape genetics and rehabilitation efficiency of the Florida manatee

Human Factors & Cognitive Psychology

Paul Barclay, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Valerie Sims, Ph.D.
Dissertation: The Effects of Presence and Cognitive Load on Episodic Memory in Virtual Environments

Jessica Michaelis, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Janan A. Smither, Ph.D.
Dissertation: If a Virtual Tree Falls in a Simulated Forest, is The Sound Restorative? An Examination of The Role of Level of Immersion in the Restorative Capacity of Virtual Nature Environments

Andrew Talone, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Florian Jentsch, Ph.D.
Dissertation: The Effect of Reliability Information and Risk on Appropriate Reliance in an Autonomous Robot Teammate


Elliott Blackstone, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Alexander Tovbis, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Spectral properties of the finite Hilbert transform on two adjacent intervals via the method of Riemann-Hilbert Problem

Christian Bosse, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Zixia Song, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Hadwiger Numbers and Gallai-Ramsey Numbers of Special Graphs

Mangalagama Dewasurendra, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Kuppalapalle Vajravelu, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Semi-Analytical Solutions of Non-linear Differential Equations Arising in Science and Engineering

Arielle Gaudiello, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Zhisheng Shuai, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Mathematical Investigation of the Spatial Spread of an Infectious Disease in a Heterogenous Environment

Ted Juste, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Deguang Han, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Frames and Phase Retrieval

George Nguyen, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Ram N. Mohapatra, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Variational Inclusions with General over-relaxed Proximal Point Algorithm and Variational-like Inequalities with Densely Pseudomonotonicity

Raskia Rajapakshage, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Marianna Pensky, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Estimation and clustering in statistical ill-posed linear inverse problems

Jingmei Zhang, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Zixia Song, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Two Ramsey‐related Problems


Seth Calhoun, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Robert Peale, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Room Temperature VOx Air-Bridge Bolometer Integrated with Metal-Insulator-Metal Resonant Absorbers

Nabin Kandel, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Suren A Tatulian, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Molecular basis of membrane pore formation by amyloid beta peptide

Security Studies

Christopher Faulkner, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Günes Murat Tezcür, Ph.D.
Dissertation: The Causes, Dynamics, and Implications of Child Soldiering


Donna King, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Lin Huff-Corzine, Ph.D.
Dissertation: I Decide when You Die: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Prior Reporting of Physical Violence for Intimate Partner Homicides by Heterosexual Spouses in Florida

Harvey Nicholson, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Jason Ford, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Socioeconomic Status and Prescription Opioid Use Behaviors among U.S. Adults: A Test of the Fundamental Cause Theory Framework

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