Spring ’19 Ph.D. Grads Honored At Reception

The Spring ’19 doctorate degree students were recognized Thursday at a special reception. Graduates celebrated their achievement with their faculty advisors, family, College of Sciences Dean Michael Johnson, Ph.D. and a special champagne toast. Click here to see the full gallery of photos.


Sameer Ezzat, Ph.D. 
Faculty Advisor: Andres Campiglia, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Chemistry and Structure of Ru/SiO2 and Ru/Al2O3

Gavin Mohammad-Pour, Ph.D. 
Faculty Advisor: Fernando Uribe-Romo, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Synthesis and Design of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds in Molecular and Extended Systems

Edward Price, Ph.D. 
Faculty Advisor: Andre Gesquiere, Ph.D.
Dissertation: A Complete Approach to Predict Biodistribution of Nanomaterials within Animal Species From In-Vitro Data

Khang Trieu, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Andres Campiglia, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Detection of Mercury Through Surface Plasmon Resonance of Immobilized Gold Nanorods

Yuemin Wang Kovaleff, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: James Harper, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Isolation of Fungus-Produced Hydrocarbon Fuels and Methodologies for Enhancing Their Production

Haihang Ye, Ph.D. 
Faculty Advisor: Xiaohu Xia, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Engineering Noble-metal Nanostructures for Biosensing Applications

Conservational Biology

Havalend Steinmuller, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Lisa G. Chambers, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Biogeochemical effects of sea level rise-induced transitions in coastal wetlands

Human Factors & Cognitive Psychology

Daphne Whitmer, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Valerie Sims, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Threatening Instructions During a Hurricane Influence Risk Perceptions: The Case of Fear Appeals and Changing Hurricane Projections


Frederick Reid, Ph.D. 
Faculty Advisor: Gary Richardson, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Lattice-Valued T-Filters and Induced Structures

Modeling & Simulation

Shan Lakhmani, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Barber, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Transparency and Communications in Human-Robot Teaming

Brian Macon, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Joseph Fanfarelli, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Gamification: Badges and Feedback


Tommy Boykin, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Bo Chen, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Self-Assembly of Reflectin Protein Probed by Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Rebecca Cebulka, Ph.D. 
Faculty Advisor: Enrique del Barco, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Light-Matter Interaction in Single Molecule Magnets

Michael Lodge, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Masahiro Ishigami, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Experimental Evidence of Ballistic Nanofriction and Scattering in Dirac Materials With Pseudospin Degree of Freedom

Walter Malone, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Abdelkader Kara, Ph.D.
Dissertation: A Theoretical Investigation of Small Organic Molecules on Transition Metal Surfaces

Nima Nader Esfahani, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Robert E. Peale, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Terahertz and Sub-terahertz tunable resonant detectors based on excitation of two-dimensional plasmons in InGaAs/InP HEMTs

Negar Otrooshi, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Laurene Tetard, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Nanoscale Functional Imaging by Tailoring Light-Matter Interaction to Explore Organic and Biological Systems

Alireza Safaei, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Debashis Chanda, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Nanoplasmonics in Two-Dimensional Dirac and Three-Dimensional Metallic Nanostructure Systems

William Tucker, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Patrick Schelling, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Chemistry and Dissipation At Mineral Surfaces In the Space Environment

Security Studies

Joseph Funderburke, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Roger Handberg, Ph.D.
Dissertation: National Security and Rising Partisan Polarization

Didara Nurmanova, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Gunes Murat Tezcur
Dissertation: Exogenous Shocks and Political Unrest

David Raugh, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Dolan, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Superforecasting or SNAFU: The Forecasting Ability of the U.S. Military Officer

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