Meet August 2023 College of Sciences Ace Award Winner: Jodi Reinhart  

The College of Sciences recognizes our outstanding staff with the Staff Ace Award. Winners of the Ace Award exhibit initiative to support COS while working well with those around them. They are “movers and shakers” in their departments and inspire others with their leadership skills. 

Congratulations to our August 2023 recipient, Jodi Reinhart! 

Jodi Reinhart headshot

About Jodi Reinhart 

Title: Contracts and Grants Specialist IV 

Department/School: COS Dean’s Office/Pre-award 

Start date at UCF: January 21, 2022 

Hometown: Ankeny, Iowa 

How would your friends and family describe you? Fun, detail oriented, goal oriented, compassionate and honest.  

What do you enjoy about your job? Knowing that I’m a small part in bringing research dollars to the College of Sciences by assisting faculty with their proposal submissions. I also love having knowledge about all the different research going on in the College of Sciences.  

What do you enjoy about being a Knight? Everyone works as a team and is always willing to help when needed.  

Who inspires you at work? My colleagues. 

Thanks to staff members like Jodi, we can continue becoming the University for the Future. Their hard work and dedication to UCF inspires us all to Charge On.  

If you are a UCF staff or faculty member, nominate your fellow staff members here.  

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