UCF Preps Alumna For Career In International Relations


It was the second semester of her freshman year when Andrea de la Camara ’13 stumbled upon the political science department at the University of Central Florida. An aspiring veterinarian at the time, de la Camara didn’t know that she’d soon be an ambitious graduate with a budding career in the field of political science.

“I happened upon the international and global studies major while reading through the course catalog and immediately I was intrigued,” said de la Camara. “I felt that it would be natural for me to dabble with political science because it integrated everything I loved into something I could tangibly study. On top of that, it was obvious that the life of a veterinarian was not for me.”

Her inspiration stems from a childhood rooted in travel, growing up abroad and a curiosity towards cultures of all kinds.

“From a very young age I was exposed to many different facets and layers of this world and I’ve always loved teaching myself as much as possible about others and both their individual and collective way of living,” said de la Camara.

When she wasn’t busy studying or developing her Honors in the Major thesis on woman’s rights in Iran, de la Camara held an internship at the UCF Office of Global Perspectives that exposed her further to a variety of applications in the political science field.

“I was able to meet ambassadors from around the world, sit in on conferences and think tanks…there was a lot that came out of that internship,” said de la Camara. “Most importantly it helped me land my first job out of school where I transitioned from an intern to a program assistant.”

After two years of working in the Office of Global Perspectives, de la Camara landed a 9-month long internship in Washington D.C. as an international development intern at consulting and engineering firm, Tetra Tech.

“This internship ushered me into the field of international development that I was then able to apply to my career now at PAE,” said de la Camara. “It’s been a natural progression of events and I’m very happy to be where I am right now.”

Currently, de la Camara serves as an operation specialist at government contracting firm Pacific Architects and Engineers, a global leader in government services and support.

“We do a lot of important work with direct impact of international development and foreign policy,” said de la Camara. “My job is about being detail oriented, careful, and developing problem solving skills to apply in the field.”

As she navigates the rigor of her field, de la Camara points to her experiences as an undergraduate that aptly prepared her for the workforce.

“I felt that as a student at UCF I was, and am ready, to take on anything that my career throws at me. Between my internships, classes, professors, and the resources afforded me, I couldn’t be better prepared,” said de la Camara.





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