Unraveling the Mystery of Mummies Around the World

mummies_cropIn June UCF will host an intriguing talk on the fascinating subject of mummies of the world.

Mummies: Culture, Science and People From Around the World will be presented by Dr. Heather Gill-Frerking on campus Wednesday, June 10 at 7 p.m.

Gill-Frerking will share parts of her research from South America, Europe and Egypt in her lecture. As well as explain some of the cultural and environmental reasons behind mummification and body preservation.

Audience members will hear tales of a German Baron, a South American woman, an infant from ancient Egypt, an Iron Age body from northern Germany and many more.

Gill-Frerking is the only North American to work directly with northern European peat bog bodies and, with 20 years of experience in her field, she is one of the top experts in her field. She is the former scientific research curator for the German Mummy Project.

National Geographic, the BBC and the Discovery Channel have sought Dr. Gill-Frerking’s wealth of knowledge to use in documentaries.

Gill-Frerking is the director of science and education for the Mummies of the World exhibition, which is making the twelfth stop of its tour in Orlando.

The exhibition will open at the Orlando Science Center on June 13. Gill-Frerking works closely with the greatest collection of mummies and mummy-related artifacts ever collected.

For more information on Dr. Gill-Frerking’s visit to UCF, click here. For more information on the Mummies of the World exhibition, click here.

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