Houston – Day One

Feeling prepared and filled with excitement, Team CATE gathered at the Orlando International Airport to head to Houston. The feelings are still surreal that the time has finally come.

While some of us played on our phones waiting to board the plane, others partook in a little bit of stretching. 


Once we boarded the plane the excitement escalated, we found our seats and popped in the headphones or took a nap to pass the time quickly.

We soon landed in Houston and made a beeline for baggage claim. Much to Kelly’s surprise her bag had been dirtied and partially broken! We scurried to the bus to the rental car area. As we found our cars, we piled in. Girls in one car and boys in the other, we made our way to the Hampton.IMG_3914

We had a short debate about where to go to dinner before walking next door to Don Julio’s for some great Mexican food. Now with full bellies and a pep talk about professionalism, we are more ready than ever to take on tomorrow! IMG_3920

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