Ph.D. in Security Studies

The Security Studies doctoral program is designed to produce specialists capable of analyzing and communicating security issues to policy makers, the general public, and the government, and academia. It is expected that the majority of graduates will work in military and other governmental organizations, international corporations, and agencies that deal with security. Others will seek employment in research and teaching in institutions of higher education.

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M.A. Political Science

The Master of Arts in Political Science programs prepares students to enter positions in government and the private sector in which the ability to comprehend, influence, and respond to government policy is critical and prepares interested students for pursuit of a PhD degree in Political Science or International Relations at other institutions.

*While the UCF deadline is July 1, we will continue to evaluate applications for fall 2020 admissions on a case by case basis until July 31.*

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Certificate in Intelligence and National Security

The graduate certificate in Intelligence and National Security provides an interdisciplinary graduate education for people engaged in or seeking professional careers in intelligence policy with a focus on analysis of security threats or crises, both domestic and international, through use of human, electronic and public domain intelligence sources.

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