2017 Officers

2017 Officers

Sarah Williams is the UCF HFES Student Chapter President.  When she is not working in the lab, she can be found hunting Pokemon and organizing student events.

Caitlin Faerevaag is the Vice President.  She is a Human Factors researcher and Ph.D. student with research interests in Aviation, Crew Resource Management, and Human-Robot Interaction. As seen in this picture, she isn’t scared of heights.

  • Dawn Sarno is the Secretary of the student chapter.  Her hobbies include studying, studying, and studying.  When she’s not studying, she is at student chapter meetings taking down the minutes.

    Eva Parkhurst is the treasurer.  In addition to her work on aging and robotics, she is also an expert in the care and raising of gray cats.

    Keith, or Mac has he prefers, is our social chair.  Mac successfully completed and defended his undergraduate honors thesis on the deindividuation of automotive drivers in the Summer of 2014. He has since been given a post Baccalaureate internship with the laboratory where he has been promoted to the position of Laboratory Manager. His interests in academia and research include cognitive psychology, deception detection, and human factors.

      Billy is our historian.  He studies robots and he swears that there’s not a robot writing this bio right now.

      Alexandra “Xan” Kaplan is the web master.  Her interests include human robot interaction, climbing, and sporadically updating the HFES student chapter website.