Maggy Tomova

Welcome to the College of Sciences (COS)! Whether you are just checking us out or you have been in the College for years, we are so glad to have you.

The College of Sciences has a lot to offer with 23 bachelor’s degrees (including psychology, the No. 1 UCF major); 26 graduate programs; 16,000 students: and a team of 1000 faculty and staff members united to create an incomparable educational experience. But the story of COS goes beyond the numbers. Our faculty, staff and students are linked by their curiosity and creativity. We ask big questions, then work together to find the answers. We want to know how to help sea turtles thrive, treat PTSD more effectively, design better video games, and find solutions to society’s most pressing issues. That curiosity is what drives our excellence!

Are you curious? Do you ask big questions? Then welcome home!

Maggy Tomova, Ph.D.
Dean of the College of Sciences