Global Health Internship

The Department of Anthropology, together with UCF’s International Medical Outreach (IMO), offers an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students to participate in the Global Health Internship.  Offered each Fall and Spring semester, the internship allows students to experience firsthand medical outreach and learn about the effects of socioeconomic disparities on health and healthcare provision in locations around the world.  The location of the internship varies from semester to semester. Past locations include Brazil, Haiti, India, New York City, and Puerto Rico.

During the internship semester, the Global Health Intern will enroll in a 3-credit course (ANT 3940) and complete readings/assignments with medical anthropology faculty. The Intern will also participate in weekly health trainings with IMO members. The internship will culminate in a week-long trip at the end of the semester. During the internship trip, the Intern will participate alongside IMO members in health-related activities, such as day-to-day interactions in the community, hospital visit days, and community health workshops.

Person sitting on a beach writing in a journal

Children standing together holding up postersThe Global Health Intern has a dual role during their time on the trip. In addition to working side by-side with IMO members, the Intern will also employ ethnographic methods (interviews and participant observation) to independently collect information and conduct an anthropological assessment to improve IMO’s work in the community.

For the Global Health Internship, we seek undergraduate students who are interested in medical anthropology and global health issues, want to experience healthcare provision in an international and team setting, and would like to contribute to health improvements in an under-resourced community.  Interns must be earning one of the following: Anthropology Major, Medical Anthropology Minor, Cultural Anthropology Minor, or Global Health Certificate. Interns must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and a minimum of sophomore standing or consent of instructor.

Please contact Dr. Joanna Mishtal or Dr. Shana Harris for additional information.