Ph.D. Program

Integrative Anthropological Sciences Ph.D.

The UCF Ph.D. in Integrated Anthropological Sciences prepares graduates with scientific and technology skills, and the use of these STEM skills to address important societal questions. Graduates will benefit from anthropology’s conceptual strengths in understanding and accommodating diversity.

The program is specifically designed to prepare graduates for employment in the private and government sectors. Students should expect to enroll in high-level methodological courses in statistics, GIScience and qualitative analysis.

The central purpose of the program is to produce graduates with the necessary methodological expertise and analytical skills to create innovative solutions to the ongoing challenges of local and global disparities. For example:

  • How does society adapt to disparities such as food deserts, immigration, and differential access to healthcare, environmental and anthropogenic crises?
  • How cultures adapt to natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, and to anthropogenic crises such as technological failures, and the resilience and vulnerability of human populations (e.g.,infectious disease)?

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Master of Arts Program

M.A. Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology offers a graduate program leading to the Master of Arts degree in Anthropology. The course work in this program is conceptually four-field, with faculty strengths in archaeology, cultural anthropology and physical anthropology.

Students are admitted to the program by a graduate faculty advisor and can choose to pursue a thesis or non-thesis option. A graduate plan of study dependent on the student’s interests will be individually developed with his or her graduate faculty advisor. Students in the program are prepared to enter doctoral programs or begin professional careers following the M.A. degree.

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