Dr. Ty Matejowsky is a cultural anthropologist and Professor.  His ongoing research in the Philippines examines a number of issues related to globalization, including fast food, urban development, disaster responses, and international migration.  He advises Honors’ Undergraduate Theses (HUT), MA, and PhD Cultural students in various research projects at the local, state, and international level.  He can be reached at Ty.Matejowsky@ucf.edu.

Working with Dr. Matejowsky:

Ty Matejowsky
I am committed to helping HIM, MA and PhD students develop and conduct original anthropological research in a variety of local, national, and global contexts.   I strive to assist students in formulating thesis projects that are as practical and feasible as they are intellectually rewarding.  I have a track record of helping students disseminate their work in variety of professional settings including international professional conferences.  Essentially, I see my role as one of helping students develop professionally as scholars and researchers with a variety of marketable skills that prepare them for both Ph.D. programs and the working world.

Dr. Matejowsky is looking for MA and HIM students whose interests include:

  • Economic Anthropology
  • Food and Foodways, especially Fast Food
  • Globalization and Development
  • The Philippines and Southeast Asia
  • Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation
  • Business Anthropology
  • Popular Culture

Examples of research projects conducted by Dr. Matejowsky’s students:

  • Central Florida’s gourmet food truck scene
  • College students’ perceptions of corporate fast food
  • The emerging bitcoin currency
  • The use of digital technology by Western backpackers in Latin America
  • The cultural significance of local pubs in Ireland
  • Tourist perceptions of media portrayals of contemporary Mexico


Banca boats
McDonald's kiosk in Dagupan City, Philippines.
Interviews Dagupan City
Restaurant in Guangzhou, China
Bicycles in Guangzhou, China
Buying balut in Dagupan City, Philippines