Fall 2010

John Spottke

Advisor: Dr. Ty Matejowsky
Title of Thesis: Ethnographic Reflection on Group Formation in Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft”
Download: Thesis – Fall 2010 (.pdf)

Andrew Tetlow

Advisor: Dr. Arlen Chase
Title of Thesis: Linear Enamel Hypoplasia at Santa Ritz Corozal, Belize
Download: Thesis – Fall 2010(.pdf)

Summer 2010

Joshua Crosby

Advisor: Dr. Ty Matejowsky
Title of Thesis: Swine Flu, Drug Wars, and Riots: Media and Tourisn in Oaxaca, Mexico
Download: Thesis – Summer 2010 (.pdf)

Sarah McManus

Advisor: Dr. John Schultz
Title of Thesis: Influence of the CSI Effect on Education and Mass Media
Download: Thesis – Summer 2010(.pdf)

Brian Tillesen

Advisor: Dr. Elayne Zorn
Title of Thesis: Fairy Forts and the Banshee in Modern Coastal Sligo, Ireland
Download: Thesis – Summer 2010 (.pdf)

Keisha Wiel

Advisor: Dr. Rosalyn Howard
Title of Thesis:Perceptions on the Social Status of Papiamentu in Contrast to its Official Significance in Aruba and Curacao
Download: Thesis – Summer 2010 (.pdf)

Spring 2010

Megan Ashley Douglass

Advisor: Dr. Joanna Mishtal and Dr. Matthew McIntyre
Title of Thesis: Understanding the Female Conceptualization of Sexual Addiction and the Role of Addiction Treatment
Download: Thesis – Spring 2010 (.pdf)

Cindy Malnasi

Advisor: Dr. Tosha Dupras
Title of Thesis: Paleopathology in Ancient Egypt: Evidence from the Sites of Dayr Al-Barsha and Sheikh Said
Download: Thesis – Spring 2010 (.pdf)

Lauren Novak

Advisor: Dr. John Schultz
Title of Thesis: Sexual Dimorphism of the Posterior Pelvis of the Robert J. Terry Anatomical Collection and William M. Bass Donated Skeletal Collection
Download: Thesis – Spring 2011(.pdf)

Cheney Sara Swedlow

Advisor: Dr. Ty Matejowsky
Title of Thesis: Growing Local: Anthropological Reflections on Current Challenges Facing Central Florida Organic Farmers
Download: Thesis – Spring 2010 (.pdf)