Caribbean Archaeology FIELD SCHOOL 

The Department of Anthropology in conjunction with Study Abroad at UCF designed a program for undergraduate and graduate students interested in archaeology.  The course is designed to teach students the essential knowledge of archaeological field methods necessary for excavations and help explore the pre-Columbian indigenous people of the West Indies.

Participants will travel to the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands for 3 weeks of archaeological study and excavations.  Through a hands-on approach, participants will learn archaeological field methods and theory, artifact identification, analysis, and curation.  Further, students will develop a sound understanding of the indigenous culture that resided on the islands at the time of the European contact.

The program is held during the Summer semester as faculty are available.  Students will have the opportunity to earn 6 credit hours for the field school.

Contact Dr. Peter Sinelli for additional information or visit the study abroad website to apply.