Throughout the history of UCFC, it has relied on community support for its growth. There are several ways to GIVE to the Bug Closet!

  • Specimens: UCFC regularly accessions material in the form of tax-deductible donations. In fact, the majority of the collection’s holdings are formally accessioned material from the collection’s founder, Stuart M. Fullerton. All donated specimens must have been collected legally. We do not put monetary values on specimens, but leave it up to the donor in accordance with established valuation policies normally used by insect collections. 
  • Equipment: Do you have insect drawers, cabinets and other collection-related equipment that you would like to donate? We are always in need of supplies and equipment and you can donate your used or surplus items as tax-deductible donation.
  • Monetary donation: UCFC has enjoyed generous donations from its friends for its growth and we always welcome additional support! We have set up a very easy way for you to give any dollar amount to the Bug Closet through a secure site hosted by the UCF College of Sciences. Simply click this link, select “Entomological Research” in a drop-down menu, and fill out rest of the information. As a donor, you have an option of specifying the purpose of  your donation, whether it’s for non-designated general support for the Bug Closet (which we can use for student support or any collection-related activities), collection expeditions, student scholarships, or buying equipment. There is also an option for allowing your company to match for tax-deductible donation. You can either make one-time donation or recurring donations, and you can give a tribute donation. We truly appreciate any donation and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

If you want to discuss about your gift to UCFC whether it’s specimens, equipment, or monetary donation, please contact Mr. Sandor Kelly. If you would like to discuss about a possibility of a significant contribution such as endowment, please contact Mr. Ray Allen, Director of Development, UCF College of Sciences (ray.allen [at] or 407-823-1952).