New Species List

The UCFC material collected from various habitats in Central Florida has been used as voucher specimens for descriptive taxonomy. To date, a total of 25 new species (17 in Hymenoptera, 6 in Coleoptera and 2 in Diptera) have been described based on recently-collected material. Three of the new species were named after Fullerton, honoring his dedication and passion for parasitic wasps and entomology: Dryinus fullertoni Olmi, Epsilogaster fullertoni Pitz, and Lissohypnus fullertoni Frank and Kelly. Given the thoroughness of the UCFC holdings that include highly diverse lineages of insects, many more unrealized new species await descriptions. Below is a list of new species resulting from the UCFC holdings (holotype or paratype)  in chronological order.

Order Family Species
Hymenoptera Bethylidae Bakeriella mira Evans, 1997
Hymenoptera Dryinidae Dryinus fullertoni Olmi, 1997
Coleoptera Sphindidae Carinisphindus purpuricephalus McHugh and Lewis, 2000
Coleoptera Cerambycidae Enaphalodes archboldi Lingafelter and Chemsak, 2002
Hymenoptera Platygastridae Synopeas russelli MacGown, 2003
Hymenoptera Bethylidae Lepidosternopsis irradiata Lanes and Azevedo, 2004
Hymenoptera Diapriidae Entomacis cellaria Yoder, 2004
Hymenoptera Braconidae Epsilogaster fullertoni Pitz, 2004
Hymenoptera Eupelmidae Zaischnopsis bouceki Gibson, 2005
Hymenoptera Eupelmidae Zaischnopsis coenotea Gibson, 2005
Hymenoptera Eupelmidae Zaischnopsis erythrothorax Gibson, 2005
Hymenoptera Eupelmidae Zaischnopsis phalaros Gibson, 2005
Hymenoptera Eupelmidae Zaischnopsis xanthocola Gibson, 2005
Diptera Therevidae Elcaribe scarbroughi Webb, 2006
Hymenoptera Eupelmidae Calosota albipalpus Gibson, 2010
Hymenoptera Eupelmidae Eupelmus curticinctus Gibson, 2011
Hymenoptera Eupelmidae Eupelmus fuscipectus Gibson, 2011
Diptera Curtonotidae Curtonotum floridense Klymko and Marshall, 2011
Hymenoptera Halictidae Lasioglossum batya Gibbs, 2011
Hymenoptera Mymaridae Ooctonus longipetiolus Huber, 2012
Hymenoptera Dryinidae Deinodryinus levigatus Olmi & Virla, 2013
Coleoptera Staphylinidae Lissohypnus fullertoni Frank and Kelly, 2014
Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Pachybrachis archboldi Barney, 2016
Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Pachybrachis deyrupi  Barney, 2016

Coleoptera       Elateridae  Platyparadonus taino Pandolfi and Etzler, 2020