Guided tours of the Bug Closet are available for interested individuals and small groups. The tours can be customized to match the interests of the visitors. A typical tour runs one half hour to an hour. These tours cover the history of the Bug Closet, interesting specimens in the collection holdings, and how natural history collections work. Tours are by appointment only and availability varies depending on the season and schedule of your tour guide. Due to the fact that the collection is a working one and because the facility is a small and tight space, our limit is 10 people per tour. Additionally, the age limit for tours is 7 years old and up. At least one week’s notice is requested when scheduling, and sending a list of preferred dates and times is also recommended.

Are you ready to visit us? Please contact our collection manager, Shawn Kelly, (sandor.kelly [at] to schedule your tour today!

All visitors are welcome to sign our visitor book, adding their names to our ever-growing caterpillar (see pic below), and if they wish have a group picture taken and added to the website as seen below.

FYI – the fellow seen in many pics below, sometimes wearing an odd hat (filled with Madagascar hissing cockroaches), is Derek A. Woller, the previous Outreach Coordinator.




This is the Bug Closet caterpillar. Usually, caterpillars eat and eat and eat in order to grow big and strong, so they can create a cocoon to metamorphose into a beautiful butterfly, moth, or skipper, but this one can only grow if people come visit it! Each visiting group will have the chance to sign their names to a body segment to bring our caterpillar one segment closer to metamorphosis.


Cub Scouts (03/30/2022) 






Brownie Troop 1649, East Lake Elementary (11/09/2019)



Brownie Troop 1668, Orlando FL (11/15/2013)
Cub Scout Pack 608, Oviedo, FL
The Cambridge Program from Andrew Jackson Middle School, Titusville, FL (1/10/2014)
Cub Scout Pack 207, Orlando, FL (1/10/2014)
Cub Scout Pack 608, Oveido, FL
Cornell University Snodgrass and Wigglesworth Undergraduate Entomology Club (4/3/2014)
Girl Scout Troop 801, Geneva, FL (4/15/2014)
Jorge de la Cruz, FL (5/9/2014)
National Science Olympiad Entomology Team from Missouri
National Science Olympiad Entomology Team from Northern California
UCF Creative School Summer Camp – Group 1
UCF Creative School Summer Camp – Group 2
The Iacovino Family
Cheryl & Jonathan
Florida Virtual School, Group 1 (8-25-2014)
Florida Virtual School, Group 2 (8-25-2014)
Jen & Luca (9-30-2014)
The Lamoureux Family (10-7-2014)
The Speere & Voss Family (11-24-2014)
The Weaver & Hilligas Families (11-26-2014)
Campus Peace Action (10-12-2017)