d4 Lab Research

Pedro, Dave, and Jack are ecologists with separate but overlapping, complementary interests. Each of us  do not always work with the same species or system, though we do tend toward favorites. As a result, we have accrued a breadth of research projects, including those of current graduate students.

Some themes do emerge. For example, Pedro and colleagues have often focused on the demography of threatened and endangered plant populations. As a result, he and Eric Menges (Archbold Biological Station; ABS) have amassed one of the world’s most detailed and longest-running demographic data sets, with multiple products from that work. Dave’s research interests may be categorized as metacommunity ecology and macroecology, but he and colleagues have also worked on individual behavior, population ecology, biogeography, and ecosystem ecology in organisms ranging from bacteria to trees. And Jack is an expert on organisms as varied as endangered lupines, gopher tortoises, and beach mice.

Pedro, Dave, and colleagues started a long-term wetlands experiment at the MacArthur Agroecology Research Center (MAERC) in 2006 that is still running, thanks to Betsey Boughton. We continue to conduct research at MAERC and ABS.