Jacob and colleagues (Alessandra Pandolfi from UCF Biology, Theressa Jones from Seminole County Mosquito Control, and Dave) have a paper accepted in Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association entitled “Ground-based pyrethroid adulticides reduce mosquitoes but not nontarget insects in Central Florida.” This is the first chapter from Jacob’s dissertation.


Jacob submitted a manuscript entitled “Ground-based pyrethroid adulticides reduce mosquitoes but not nontarget insects in Central Florida” to J. American Mosquito Control Assoc. Co-authors include Alessandra Pandolfi (UCF), Theressa Jones (Seminole Co. Mosquito Control), and Dave.

Dave and colleagues have a paper accepted: Ohyama, L, Bogota-Gregory, JD, DG Jenkins. Peak beta diversity occurs at regional spatial grains. Frontiers of Biogeography.

Congratulations to Hannah for winning the Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching for both the College of Sciences and the University! The award recognizes her “teaching ability and exceptional academic contribution.”

Two papers were recently accepted:

Juan David Bogota-Gregory, David G. Jenkins, Astrid Acosta-Santos, Edwin Agudelo Córdoba. Fish diversity of Colombian Andes-Amazon streams at the end of conflict is a reference for conservation before increased land use. Ecology and Evolution.

David G. Jenkins, Hannah R. Bevan, Wei Chen, Jacob D. Hart, Amanda Lindsay, Laura Macamo, Mekail Negash, Leo Ohyama, Alessandra Pandolfi, & George Zaragoza. Biogeography of the world’s worst invasive species has spatially-biased knowledge gaps but is predictable. Frontiers of Biogeography.


The following papers have been recently accepted:

  • Bevan, HR, DG Jenkins, E Suarez, TS Campbell. Nile monitor distribution models in Florida for future eradication efforts. J. Herpetology.

  • Guo, Y, EH Boughton, S Bohlman, C Bernacchi, P Bohlen, R Boughton, E DeLucia, J Fauth, N Gomez-Casanovas, DG Jenkins, G Lollis, RS Miller, PF Quintana-Ascencio, G Sonnier, J Sparks, H Swain, J Qiu. 2023. Agricultural intensification alters multifunctionality of metaecosystems. Nature Communications.


Ian [very] successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Responses of a Pine Flatwoods Specialist Treefrog to Prescribed Fire” – great work and vital information for prescribed fire management.

Way to Go, Ian!

Fede’ and Pedro have two papers accepted, based on a part of Fede’s dissertation.

And Jacob and Dave have a paper accepted, based on an experiment Jacob conducted separate from his dissertation work.

Yay! More to come later…

Ian and Pedro published a paper entitled “Canopies, the Final Frog-tier: exploring responses of a specialist treefrog to prescribed fire in a pyrogenic ecosystem” in Fire Ecology. This is the first chapter of Ian’s dissertation – congrats Ian!

Dave played a minor role in a cool paper now available as an open-access pdf in Functional Ecology, entitled “Natural history and ecological effects on the establishment and fate of Florida carpenter ant cadavers infected by the parasitic manipulator Ophiocordyceps camponoti-floridani. Authors = Will, Ian; Linehan, Sara; Jenkins, David; Debekker, Charissa.