Jacob successfully defended his PhD proposal this week and is now officially a PhD candidate – Congrats Jacob on nailing it!

Haoyu Li’s MS research (Multiple spatial scales affect direct and indirect interactions between a non-native and a native species) is now published in Plant Ecology. Congrats, Haoyu!

Dave and coauthors (Betsey Boughton, Andy Bohonak, Reed Noss, Marie Simovich, Ellen Bauder) have a paper published at Global Ecology and Conservation entitled “Indicator-species and coarse-filter approaches in conservation appear insufficient alone” and available open-access here

We have a paper published and open access at Ecology & Evolution: “Biogeography and predictors of wildlife killed on roads at peninsular Florida State Parks.” This arises from our Biogeography course, and includes students as co-authors (like other such efforts here and here).

Juan’s first chapter from his dissertation was accepted in Scientific Reports:

Bogotá-Gregory J, F Lima, S Correa, C Silva Oliveira, DG Jenkins, F Ribeiro, N Lovejoy, R Reis, W Crampton. Biogeochemical water type influences community composition, species richness, and biomass in megadiverse Amazonian fish assemblages.

Leo Ohyama, Josh King, and Dave have a paper in press in Ecology entitled “Are tiny subterranean ants top predators affecting aboveground ant communities?” This work represents Leo’s cool field experiment for his MS thesis.

Dave’s paper with colleagues entitled “Global human ‘predation’ on plant growth and biomass” is now online at Global Ecology & Biogeography. Now the lab can stop hearing about the “man eats world” paper. Oh, but there’s a sequel.

Update: it is now assigned to an issue: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/geb.13087

Dave & Pedro have a paper published in PLoS One entitled “A solution to minimum sample size for regressions” – see it here

Kim Medley’s paper on her grand mosquito experiment (with Katie Westby and Dave as co-authors) is fresh out as an Early View at J. Applied Ecology, and already hitting the news