Juan’s first chapter from his dissertation was accepted in Scientific Reports:

Bogotá-Gregory J, F Lima, S Correa, C Silva Oliveira, DG Jenkins, F Ribeiro, N Lovejoy, R Reis, W Crampton. Biogeochemical water type influences community composition, species richness, and biomass in megadiverse Amazonian fish assemblages.

Leo Ohyama, Josh King, and Dave have a paper in press in Ecology entitled “Are tiny subterranean ants top predators affecting aboveground ant communities?” This work represents Leo’s cool field experiment for his MS thesis.

Dave’s paper with colleagues entitled “Global human ‘predation’ on plant growth and biomass” is now online at Global Ecology & Biogeography. Now the lab can stop hearing about the “man eats world” paper. Oh, but there’s a sequel.

Update: it is now assigned to an issue: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/geb.13087

Dave & Pedro have a paper published in PLoS One entitled “A solution to minimum sample size for regressions” – see it here

Kim Medley’s paper on her grand mosquito experiment (with Katie Westby and Dave as co-authors) is fresh out as an Early View at J. Applied Ecology, and already hitting the news

Our lab and others published a paper in Ecosphere on trade‐offs and synergies in a payment‐for‐ecosystem services program on ranchlands in the Everglades headwaters

Jacob presented on his experiment about disturbance and productivity at ESA in Louisville. Way to go with your first presentation, Jacob!

Vero Urgiles and colleagues named a frog after Pedro!


As you might have heard, Pedro was honored by Vero and her colleagues who named a newly described species of terrestrial frogs after him. Some say they can see the resemblance between Prismantis quintanai and Pedro. What do you think?

To read more, you can read this article in Pensoft’s blog. Or you might look for the article:

Urgiles VL, Székely P, Székely D, Christodoulides N, Sanchez-Nivicela JC, Savage AE (2019) Genetic delimitation of Pristimantis orestes (Lynch 1979) and P. saturninoi Brito et al., 2017 and the description of two new terrestrial frogs from the Pristimantis orestes species group (Anura, Strabomantidae). ZooKeys 864: 111-146. Link here