Pedro Quintana-Ascencio, Professor

Research Area(s): Interactive effects of disturbance and spatial structure on plant community and population dynamics, especially for several rare plant species endemic to the Lake Wales Ridge in central Florida.
I am a member of the science committee for the COMPADRE & COMADRE database project to create an open-access database of matrix population models for both animals and plants from all over the world to facilitate its usage for scientific and teaching purposes.


David G. Jenkins, Professor

Research Areas: Metacommunity ecology, aquatic & wetland ecology, ecological biogeography, macroecology.


I. Jack Stout, Professor emeritus

Research Areas: Conservation biology of Florida, including beach mice, gopher tortoise, and lupines.

Graduate Students

Ian Mugshot

Ian Biazzo, PhD

Research: Fire, frogs and some other stuff

Hannah Bevan, PhD

Research: My research examines both the theoretical and methodological aspects of modeling species (native and nonnative) distributions through habitat suitability and connectivity analyses in order to inform effective conservation management decisions.


Federico Lopez Borghesi, PhD

Research: Broadly, I am interested on the interplay between plant reproductive physiology and population level dynamics. My project aims to find novel ways to frame seed ecophysiology studies to inform plant demography models.


Jacob D. Hart, PhD

Research: My research examines how mosquito populations and diversity vary in time and space at regional scales. I also conducted an experiment (in the picture) on ecological disturbance and productivity.

Lab Alumni

Shireen Alemadi, MS, 2006 Debra Rinne, MS, 2006 Alaina Bernard, MS, 2007 Kristina Horn, MS, 2007
Bonnie Berry, MS, 2008 Elizabeth Boughton, PhD, 2009 Camille Collins, MS, 2010 Jennifer Navarra, MS, 2010
Lisa McCauley, PhD, 2011 Kim Medley, PhD, 2012 Sandor Kelly, MS, 2012 Elizabeth Stephens, PhD, 2013
Matthew Tye, MS, 2014 Caitlyn Debevec, MS, 2015 Steffan Pierre, MS, 2015 Lina Maria Sanchez Clavijo, PhD, 2016
Jason Schroeder, PhD, 2018 Haoyu Li, MS, 2019