Conservation Biology Theory (PCB 6042)

Course Information
  • Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays (1:00 pm -2:20 pm)
  • Room: Bio 415
  • Instructor: Pedro F. Quintana-Ascencio

This course provides a space to identify and debate current conceptual backgrounds and narratives in Conservation Biology. It aims to review and evaluate information and promote critical thinking.

Syllabus 2023

Session Topic Readings
0 Class introduction
I Diversity Noss 1990
II Species concept  O’Brien and Mayr 1991

Responses to O’Brien and Mayr 1991

Nowak 1992

Waples et al. 2018

III Genetics vs Demography  Lowe et al. 2017
IV Metapopulations and spatial dynamics  Fahrig et al. 2021

Quintana-Ascencio et al. 2019

V Conserving evolutionary processes  Rouget et al. 2003

Erwin 1991

VI Hybridization and introgression Harrison and Larson 2014
VII Climate change and disturbances Root and Schneider 2006
VIII Invasive species Davis et al. 2011
IX The next communities Maldonado et al. 1999

Soto et al. 2017

X Ecosystem recovery Lugo 2020
XI Transgene escape  Chappel et al 2013

McAfee 2008

Mann 2002

XII Nature vs. culture Grove 1992

Cronon 1996

XIII Conservation practice Igoe 2010

Dove & Huq Khan 1991

Büscher et al. 2012