Jason’s first chapter of his dissertation is published in Ecosphere! http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ecs2.2100/full

  • Dave’s collaboration with other UCF and MAERC folks (Ho et al. 2018) about the ranch wetland experiment’s effects on soil nutrients is now available at Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. And here.

  • Jason and Dave have a paper accepted in Ecosphere about the error sensitivities of different beta diversity measures. Bottom line = some βs are much better than others!

  • Pedro and colleagues recently published two papers:
    • Menges, E., Crate, S.J.H., Quintana-Ascencio, P.F.. 2017. Dynamics of gaps, vegetation, and plant species with and without fire. American Journal of Botany | pdf

    • de la Cruz, Marcelino, Pedro F. Quintana-Ascencio, Luis Cayuela, Carlos I. Espinosa, Adrián Escudero. 2017. Comment on “The extent of forest in dryland biomes.” Science | pdf

  • A paper on soil nutrient effects of the ranch experiment (Dave is 1 of 6 co-authors) is now accepted in Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment.

  • A paper by Steffan Pierre, Betsey Boughton, Pedro and Dave is in Biological Invasions. The paper is based on Steffan’s MS thesis on the invasive apple snail, Pomacea maculata.

  • A paper by Pedro and colleagues has been accepted in Plant Ecology!